What if?

What if we chose to be more compassionate towards one another, more kind,more understanding,more loving,honest,considerate,genuinely concerned and less judgemental, less critical ,insensitive,selfish and  less hostile? Wouldnt that make the world a better place; a place worth living?People will tell u that being selfless will get you nowhere. That because the world is selfish and cruel you need to be that too. But how about ,we change this? By improving yourself first .By breaking through the barriers and stereotypes. By choosing to be your exclusive and amazing self. Super achievers will tell you that progress starts with a single step. So let your goal today be about taking that single step . A step towards changing how you relate with others,changing your attitude towards hard work and how you  generally put things into perspective. However small the step might be,today you find the courage to take it. You have to. Because “the world isn’t dying, we are.”

18 thoughts on “What if?

  1. “the world isnt dying,we are.”
    It is true that this is all happening because of the decisions we make.
    We should better ourselves for the world to be a better place. ^_^

  2. Absolutely this is so true… We really need to change and see the good side of this word and always be kind to one another… Thank you habbty for your wise words always 🙏❤️❣️💞

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