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interactive web-based study platform

The first of its kind in Kenya


want to improve your performance? is the first interactive web-based game-like studying platform that is GOING TO CHANGE your study life!

How?  Using an impactful, smarter and fun process through structured tests, a comprehensive studying curriculum and a vibrant motivational social hub to cheer you on!

You can Study Smart. We'll help.

Intuitive Design

The LearnITbyTests platform is built to engage the student and stimulate their minds into more expansive and creative thinking. Its design is particularly engineered for fun and functionality.

Interactive User Page

Interactive User Page

Virtual Group Discussion Rooms

Virtual Group Discussion Rooms

Smart Studying Guide

Smart Studying Guide

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Students Discourse Platform

Students Discourse Platform

Our Learning Tools

1. Online Language Classes

Speak a Kenyan Tongue

Gikuyu | Swahili

  • Kenyan Vernacular Languages

  • Curated Video Lectures

  • Self-Paced Learning

  • On-the Go

  • Fun

2. Interactive Studying Tools


This tool gives you topic by topic structured questions that are designed to help you to not only retain facts but also digest and
understand them..

Repetitive practice of the questions will help you recall
key points and reinforce the facts that you have already learnt.

Let’s make your studying more efficient!

The Challenge Zone

Can you beat the clock?

Test your knowledge on timed exercises, feel the real pressure of an exam setting and get instant results once done.

Motivational Hub

A comprehensive 10 week “How to Study Smart Guide”

Virtual Group Discussions

Student Blogs


Shall we say more?

It's a whole new studying experience

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