Doom day

I was almost at the end of the road. I could see the dazzling blur of light at a distance. My bleeding, blistered, bare feet were almost giving in to the exhaustion.  I could feel the burning sting on my left arm where I had been shot. My limping leg and wounded arm were no match for the steady, strong threshold of men that were on my trail. But I was not one to give up. “Omg , I have been shot.” I repeatedly kept on telling myself. My head was getting heavy, I was drowsy and my stomach hurt like hell. I had lost too much blood. “Kevin!!! you need to hurry up. We are almost there…” My older brother Simon shouted ahead of me, and in that split minute I saw my entire life flash across my eyes. My father had been shot right in front of my eyes and my mother was held hostage with people I had no idea even existed prior. How had our little happy family gotten to this?? The blowing horn of the train moving at supersonic speed a distance away awoke me from my reminiscence. It was now or never.”Kev!! Do it . Now. Grab my hand!”Simon shouted as he hopped onto the fast moving gallopy on wheels. The world stopped moving at that second, time stopped. If Simon couldn’t bear my weight that would be the end of me.

My heart ached as I settled in, crashing down besides a pile of hay inside the moving train. I saw my mother’s face telling me to run. I could hear her tell Simon,”Take your brother and leave. This is your only chance. These people are dangerous. I will distract the guards.” Now, I looked at Simon with weary, tearful eyes. I was losing consciousness and the last words  I heard him say were,”we will get back mom home safely. I promise.” And at the minute. I knew he meant. We would get mother home no matter what.

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