VII Rules of Legacy

1. Fame is a fickle friend and fortune is a false one, fighting foes first instead of false friends is folly.

2. Tit for tat takes two and turns teams to terror, tame it and turn thieves and traitors into true men.

3. Learn every lesson even little and least in life, lest you lose your life later by leaning on loose lines

4. The game of guns glues gangsters to gruesome graves, it gets guys grieving for good men when they’re gone

5. Red roses rouse romance and makes rogues regals, by roses one’s heart was robbed and ravaged beyond repair

6. Mix money and maidens and you will make a mad mixture, many made that and went mad from minding matter

7. A war of words wastes wits when waged whenever, what wins a war is wise words without wanton.

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