Welcome to Student Tales

First, I would like to start with a huge welcome to all of you who have decided to dive with us into this exciting journey through Kenya’s first Web-based study platform. LearnITbyTests is a God idea, it was birth from the desire to change the Student’s life.

We believe in expression and not suppression. That is why this space is was created. To create the chance for positive intelligent discourse, artistic expression through words and the sharing of those wonderful ideas and stories we know you have.

This is a positive space, respectable and professional in a fun way. Words have power, so wield your weapon wisely!

To submit a post, go to the Motivational Hub and click on the ‘The Wall’ tab. There, you will find the contribute button that will toggle the submit your post form.  There, you can plant the seeds of your rich words and watch them grow!

Looking forward to seeing into your minds…

Yours Dearly,

LearnIT team!