The LBT Study Program

The LBT (LearnITbyTests) Study program is a 10-week comprehensive study skills curriculum whose key objective is help students become better at their studies.  The program is offered exclusively in the Skills Shop section of the Motivational Hub tool of LearnITbyTests premier online studying platform.

This training program comprises of 3 core modules. The 3 modules are designed to equip students with applied skills in 3 critical areas that are fundamental to the students’ performance.  These areas are:

  1. Practical Studying Skills and Techniques
  2. Time Management Strategies
  3. Motivation for studying

 The LBT Study Program is highly practical and has a simple methodology that is geared towards application to the student’s study life in a relatable way. The curriculum will span over a period of 7 weeks and will culminate with 3 weeks of review and application of the lessons taught in the 7 weeks, to bring the whole program duration to a total of 10 weeks.

At the beginning of each of the 7 weeks, a particular weekly lesson from the 3 modules will be featured in the Skills Shop. The Study Window will present an exposition (detailed explanation) article of that particular skill by the LearnITbyTests studying expert and offer the students the chance for an interactive session to ask critical questions at the comments section for throughout the 1 week allocated to that skill. In addition, the Video Tutor will feature Video resources to help the student engage with the program in a more fun and intuitive way through creative video presentations describing the skill.

The LBT Study Program – Curriculum and Schedule Overview

Core Modules Duration
Module 1: Pro Studying Skills 3 wks
Module 2: Efficient Time Management 3 wks
Module 3: How to Build your Motivation 1 wk

Module 1: Pro Studying Skills – The How to study guide.

  1. PQRST Study Method (1 week)
  2. The Success Mindset (Ways and Habits on Improving your Study) (1 week)
  3. Setting Desired Targets (1 week)

Module 2: Efficient Time Management – The When to Study What guide.

  1. Daily Goals and The Weekly Logbook (1 week)
  2. ABCDE tasks prioritisation technique (Multi-tasking is a myth. Efficient planning) (1 week)
  3. Big Rocks vs Tiny Stones (Choosing your Battles, How do I know what subject to start with?) (1 week)

Module 3: How to Build your Motivation – The why you should study guide.

  1. Self-Competition (1 week)

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