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The Wall is the home of comprehensive discourse and intelligent interaction. Listen to others, have your say and be motivated as we highlight the best of LBT Students at our prestigious Wall of Fame. We believe that studying with a social twist is the key to success. After all, no man is an island…except for the Isle of Man of course. 

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The Wall of Fame
All Time Current Balance
  1. dummy27 BP 13,012.00
  2. Wilfred Ngugi BP 12,621.00
  3. Mohammad Ali BP 8,855.00
  4. Rehan Bilal BP 8,605.00
  5. AISHA MUSA BP 8,223.00
  6. dummy19 BP 8,018.00
  7. Nayfeen Najim BP 7,281.00
  8. Asma Aphy BP 5,752.00
  9. PETER SITUMA BP 5,041.00
  10. dummy22 BP 5,020.00
  1. Wilfred Ngugi BP 10,812.00
  2. Rehan Bilal BP 8,524.00
  3. AISHA MUSA BP 8,223.00
  4. Mohammad Ali BP 8,032.00
  5. Nayfeen Najim BP 7,271.00
  6. Asma Aphy BP 5,432.00
  7. PETER SITUMA BP 5,041.00
  8. Maryam Abdi BP 4,823.00
  9. Aisha Abdirashid BP 4,030.00
  10. Ainsley Mbogo BP 3,885.00