If only I had five more minutes…

I couldn’t say I was alive, just maybe existing in a limbo between the living and the dead. Fate was undecided about where it wanted me. I had kept my eyes closed for as long as I could remember hoping that I would die soon. But hours had passed now, maybe even days-I was not sure. I had lost track of time. Anyone would have if pain was the only sensation they had left to feel.

My eyes fluttered open to the faint light of dawn. My whole body was shivering like a leaf in a whirlwind, at least those parts I could still feel. I had lost my sense of feeling from the waist down and now my legs were just two logs attached to me. I knew my arms were next and even though I could feel my right arm remarkably well, I could barely clench my left fist. I guess I was on a gradual progression to whole body numbness. I welcomed the idea; the only sensation I got from the parts of my body that I still had sense of was excruciating agony. Who wouldn’t want that gone?


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