WIKI bytes Challenge

WIKI BYTES Challenge

The Instructions

Welcome to the WIKI BYTES challenge (WBC), the place for acts of honour that will chance you the opportunity to be the winner of  the grand weekly prize of BPs 500 and KSh 500!

First, what are WIKI BYTES? WIKI BYTES are weekly inspirational excerpts that will build your character and forge you into a better person.  They are nuggets of godly wisdom that will not only challenge your mind but your heart too.  Make sure to access these pieces of wisdom every week from your Dashboard, read and meditate on them and watch your character grow. 

Now, every LBT student can either participate or spectate in the WBC. Each of these two roles are extremely vital.

To Participate,  submit your creative entry from the ‘Enter Challenge’ panel below. A valid creative entry must REFLECT on the theme and the spirit of the WIKI BYTE for that week.  Unrelated entries will be IGNORED. The WBC accepts 3 types of entries. 

  1. A Fictional or Non Fictional short story, should be 250 words or less and well edited. (It could be a personal encounter where you saw the truth of that particular WIKI BYTE, or just a made up story reinforcing the theme of the WIKI BYTE.  Make it really exciting!)
  2. A written poem or spoken word. 
  3. A drawing or a painting. Submit a clear picture of your art. 

Only original creative works will be accepted. LBT does not support plagiarism so make you only submit YOUR own work. 

On to the second role, to Spectate. In this role, you get to be the judge. Now you see why both roles are very important.  Every LBT student is welcomed to dig into the creative works submitted for the WBC each week, for the whole of that week, and to like the piece that he/she likes the most. So always feel free roll to the bottom of the page to the ‘Spectate’ section to view all the creative exciting pieces from our WBC participators and like away!

THE WINNER: At the end of the week, the creative piece, whether it be that lyrically perfect poem, that incredibly funny short story or that unbelievably realistic drawing, that has the most likes will be crowned the WINNER of the WBC that week and the owner of the work will receive their bounty. 

Simple, right? Now let the Participators and Spectators begin!

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