Author: Inspirus Mwanake

Series: The Angeions Series (Book 1)

Nik is your average teenager; more like you and me and less like the heroes on TV. But all that changes when he meets her. Suddenly, there’s a whole new dimension to the world he never knew existed: the Angeions, human beings with the ability to free their spirits from their bodies and to use it to manipulate the forces of nature in unimaginable ways. But just when he thinks it can’t get any more complicated, he finds out that he is the centre of it all…

She could subdue the forces of nature and bend them to her will. She led the Angeions of Allos in divine battles against the forces of the Dark. But when she met him, Aella’s whole world changed. And for the first time in centuries, her faith was truly challenged.

Angeions is one thrilling journey through Love, Divine Will and Spiritual Warfare. The War is Real!

Author Bio

Inspirus is an Kenyan Indie Writer and Dreamer. He imagines the world as seen through the eyes of the Spirit Realms, discerning the deepest truths that transcend the lines of reality and fantasy. 

He is currently based in Mombasa and sure enough, owns a cat. 🙂

Book info

Series: The Angeions Series

Book: Book 1 – Angeions

Sequel: Olympus



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