It turned out to be the turning point in my academic life

My name is Bryan Munyao a former student of Allidina Visram. I enrolled in the school in 2017 in form 2 and my performance was an average one ,all I used to get were C’s upto when I was Form four after my pre mock I realised that despite me improving on certain subjects such as maths and chem my overall grade hadn’t change and I knew something had to be done and luckily it was about that time that this program was piloted ,I was Abit skeptical at first but after some persuasion from Md Muteti and also giving it some thought I swallowed my pride and shot my shot and it turned out to be the turning point in my academic life because the program helped me realize that I was reading hard but not smart. It helped me to plan my reading schedule and follow it consistently and the results were almost quick since I improved in my mocks scoring a B- from a C and this encouraged me to continue it has helped me score a B+ in my KCSE which was my initial target at the start of the year. I would like to thank Denis and his team for taking their time and effort towards helping students like me achieve their dreams and reach the max of their academic potential.