1. Mention the 2 types of X-rays?

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2. How can you determine the intensity (Quantity) of X-rays?

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3. How is cooling achieved in an X-ray tube in order to dissipate heat?

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4. Which of the following statements is CORRECT about X-rays?

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5. Mention the dangers of X-rays

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6. Mention the uses of X-rays

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7. If you increase the quantity of X-rays produced the strength remains the same (constant)?

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8. Hard X-rays are produced by fast moving electrons as a result of a high accelerating voltage. True or False?

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9. How is an X-ray tube shielded from stray radiation?

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10. Which one of the following is not among the properties of X-ray

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11. Explain the energy transformation when a cathode ray beam is suddenly stopped by a metal target?

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12. Which of the following statements is CORRECT about Soft X-rays?

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13. Explain what happens when X-rays pass through magnetic or electric fields?

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14. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about Hard X-rays?

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15. Define X-rays

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16. Soft X-rays are produced by a relatively lower velocity electron beam than hard X-rays? True or False?

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17. How do you increase/ decrease the strength of the X-rays produced?

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