Uniform Circular Motion

1. What is the formula of centripetal force?

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2. Increasing the rate of angular velocity requires higher centripetal force?

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3. Name the 3 applications of circular motion

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4. What is the name of the force which is required to maintain an object in a circular motion?

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5. What is the formula of centripetal acceleration?

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6. Which of the following is a factor which affects centripetal force?

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7. Define centripetal acceleration

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8. SI UNIT of angular velocity is?

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9. When the speed of a body moving in a circular path is constant the body is said to be moving with uniform circular motion. True or False?

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10. Centripetal force is?

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11. The change of angular displacement with time is called?

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12. The heavier the object i.e. stone the more the centripetal force it shall require to keep it moving in a circular path?

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13. What is the condition that makes skidding to occur?

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14. What is the formula of speed?

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15. A longer radius path will require a larger centripetal force?

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16. Which of the following is not an example of circular motion?

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17. What is the formula of angular velocity? (Omega)

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18. SI UNIT of angular displacement is?

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19. What is the formula of time taken for 1 complete displacement?

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20. For a body whose motion is in a vertical circle, its tension will be maximum when? i.e. a ball tied to one end of a string)

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21. What is the formula to calculate the minimum Velocity for a body which is in a vertical motion?

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