1. Fluid pressure formula is P = hpg

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2. Which of the following statement is INCORRECT in the working principle of a bicycle pump?

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3. Pressure in a liquid at a particular depth is the same in all directions?

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4. Which of the following is NOT an application of Atmospheric Pressure?

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5. Pressure in a liquid increases with density of the Liquid?

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6. The lift pump is among the application of pressure in gasses. Kindly state the Limit height it operates on?

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7. Which statement about pressure is INCORRECT?

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8. Define Pascals Principle

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9. Why is mercury a preferable fluid chosen in barometer unlike water?

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10. Which of the following instrument is not used to measure fluid pressure?

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11. The pressure exerted on the earth surface by the weight of the earths air column is called atmospheric pressure.

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12. Which of the following Liquid pressure formula is INCORRECT?

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13. Name the INCORRECT application of transmission of pressure in Liquid

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14. Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about a U-tube Manometer?

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15. The atmospheric pressure at sea level using a Fortin barometer is:

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16. What are the differences that a force pump has over a lift pump?

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17. Which statement concerning pressure in Liquid is INCORRECT?

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18. Toricellian Vacuum is important because:

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19. Which are the reasons why a lift pump in real operations can only pump water in the height of less than the ideal limite of 10 m?

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20. Toricellian Vacuum is the space above the mercury in the tube on a mercury barometer.

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21. Which of the following instrument is made up of a bourdon flexible tube?

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22. PRESSURE is the force acting normally or perpendicular per unit area?

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23. Which is the biggest disadvantage of using an Aneroid Barometer

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24. Which statement on pressure is INCORRECT?

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25. How is a Fortin Barometer different from a Simple Mercury Barometer?

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26. Which key two factors are directly proportional to the pressure of a liquid in a column i.e. U-tube

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27. Which of the following is not a property when choosing the brake fluid of a motor vehicle?

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