Electromagnetic Induction

1. Which of the following statements is CORRECT about step down transformers?

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2. What is the main assumption in TURNS RULE?

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3. Give the important factors necessary for an induced E.M.F to flow in a conductor

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4. How do you reduce the heating effect caused in the coils of a transformer which increases electrical resistance?

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5. What is the power input for the primary source in a transformer?

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6. Whenever there is relative motion between a magnetic field and a conductor then an induced current resulting from an induced E.M.F flows in the conductor. True or False?

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7. Mention the ways in which you can increase the mutual induced E.M.F on a secondary coil

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8. How do you reduce eddy currents in the core of transformers?

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9. Mention the type of energy loss in a transformer experienced when the magnetic flux produced by the primary coil is not all linked with the secondary coil, hence reducing the induced E.M.F in the secondary?

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10. Define transformers?

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11. Mutual induction occurs when a changing current in one coil induces current in another placed close to it?

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12. Which of the following statement is INCORRECT about step up transformers?

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13. Which of the following is NOT among the application of electromagnetic induction?

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14. The equation of Turns Rule shows that: (secondary voltage )/(primary voltage ) = (no.of secondary turns )/(no.of primary turns) = (Vs )/(Vp ) = (Ns )/(Np ). True or False?

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15. Mention the factors which affect the magnitude of induced E.M.F

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16. How do you increase the induced E.M.F or current for both a.c and d.c generators?

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17. State Faradays Law of Electromagnetic induction?

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18. State Lenz Law

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19. What is the power input for the secondary source in a transformer?

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20. Which of the following is not among the energy losses experienced in a transformer?

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21. How do you minimize hysteresis loss in a transformer core?

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22. In a step down transformer secondary current Is is greater than the primary current Ip?

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23. The efficiency of a transformer = (power output)/(power input) x 100. True or False?

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24. In a step up transformer primary current Ip is greater than the secondary current Is?

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25. Give the formula of Turns RATIO

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