C4.4 Organic Chemistry II

1. Define the name of substances which improve the cleaning properties of water.

2. When a fatty acid is hydrolyzed in the presence of alkali the process is referred to as

3. Mention the uses of alkanols?

4. Which of the following is a disadvantage of synthetic fibers?

5. Explain how additional polymerization occurs?

6. The process through which monomers combine to form a long chain molecule is known as?

7. WHICH of the following is NOT among the advantage of synthetic polymers and fibers over natural materials like cotton

8. Name the types of man-made (synthetic) polymers?

9. Name the 2 methods of making synthetic polymers?

10. Name the type of naturally occurring polymers?

11. Explain how condensation takes place?

12. Mention the chemical properties of Alkanoic acids?

13. Which among the following is NOT a use of alkanoic acid?

14. Name the two types of detergents

15. Discuss the physical properties of alkanoic acids?

16. Mention the two types of polymers?

17. Which of the following is CORRECT about alkanoic acids